How RTÉ uses Piano Analytics to cut reporting times down from one day to less than one hour

With content across television, radio, and online, for RTÉ, Ireland’s main public service broadcaster, understanding how their audience is engaging with their content is critical to developing long term plans for success.

But, due to the volume of their engagement data, analyzing and sharing this data is a manual, tedious process and takes up valuable time and creates lags in reaction.

Using Piano Analytics’ dashboards has transformed data processes for RTÉ. What was previously a tediously manual and time-consuming process that required a full day’s work for two people, is now managed by one person and means key weekly performance data is ready to share by 10:00am every Monday morning.

“It doesn’t make sense to be talking about last week on Wednesday. Piano Analytics really makes your life easier because now we can review this data first thing Monday and the focus is on the week ahead—everyone has all their ideas after seeing what’s worked, what hasn’t, and can crack on with the work.”
Neal Cantle, Digital Audience Research Officer, RTÉ

Learn more about RTÉ’s success working with Piano Analytics in this case study.  

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