Data-Driven News: How Winnipeg Free Press Earned 5x Increase in New Registrations and Trial Sign-ups

Already dedicated to offering the best local coverage in their market, the Winnipeg Free Press knew they needed something more to win over registrants and subscribers. To make that happen, they focused on enhancing their site design, personalization technology and news judgment but were also dedicated to creating a frictionless user experience that kept people reading and nudged them closer to conversion. To help accomplish that, they turned to Piano.

“We lean on folks like Piano to be our brains as far as data is concerned and to help us achieve some of our goals,” says Christian Panson, VP Digital & Technology for the Winnipeg Free Press. 

With the help of Piano’s personalized content recommendations and data-driven approach, the Winnipeg Free Press was able to accomplish:

  • 5x as many new registrations and trial sign-ups per month
  • A 40% year-over-year increase in digital subscriptions
  • A 200% increase in active time on site

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