The Salt Lake Tribune Converts Suspicious Users into Group Subscribers with Piano

The Salt Lake Tribune started its digital subscription model on January 31, 2018 and used Piano to support the launch. By 2020, reader revenue had tripled, and the publication became the first metropolitan paper to operate fully from a nonprofit model.

But Claudia Laws, Marketing and Analytics Director at The Salt Lake Tribune, knew that she could demonstrate even greater ROI from Piano’s capabilities. As of May 2020, the paper only had two group subscriptions—which only existed because the customers had reached out to inquire for them directly.

Laws thought that if she had a streamlined source of truth about suspicious activity, she could easily pave a path toward converting those users into group subscribers instead. With Piano’s Suspicious Activity Report, she was able to once and for all identify exactly which users were violating their terms of service.

As a result, The Salt Lake Tribune’s number of group subscriptions grew from 2 to well over 250, an increase of more than 2400% that drove a 2% rise in total publication revenue.

Learn more about The Salt Lake Tribune’s success using Piano’s Suspicious Activity Report in this case study.

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