How L’Équipe Uses Real-Time Analytics to Guide Their Content Strategy

L’Equipe, the daily sport-focused newspaper renowned in France for its coverage of association football, rugby, motorsport, and cycling, joined us on stage at Piano Academy Live 2022 to discuss how they leverage data to engage and retain subscribers. 

Key Takeaways:

Data culture is an integral part of L’Equipe’s business model. As a primarily  print-based publication that’s making continuous strides in digital content, data collection and hygiene is extremely important to their success.

They have a highly connected audience. They have 350K subscribers and generate 1.5M page views per month, which amounts to 2.5M active users across all digital media.

L’Equipe relies on Piano to collect and take action on behavior data for their vast user base. With Piano Analytics’ Explorer data at the center of their strategy, they are able to gain valuable real-time insight into how users are interacting with content.

They have integrated data into editorial tools to display article performance in real time. They have developed a scoring system that allows them to measure the performance of articles in terms of engagement and page views, which they have integrated into the editors' homepage management tool – allowing them to make the right decisions on which content to promote. 

To learn more about L’Equipe’s commitment to data excellence, watch the recording of their session highlights.