How OVHcloud drives its hyperscale cloud offer with reliable quality data

With over a million customers and 20+ year heritage, OVHcloud manages 32 data centers on four continents and hosts 300,000 servers. Because data is their business, it is essential for their web analytics provider to be reliable and able to meet the scale of their business. OVHcloud needs to be able to easily activate their web data to optimize performance and conversions.

OVHcloud selected Piano Analytics as their web analytics provider in 2015 to tackle a range of challenges surrounding the optimal usage of data to streamline the customer journey. Piano enables OVHcloud to be truly data driven and rely on solid data for all product processes, project implementation and business decisions.

“Piano Analytics strategic services is incredibly responsive and has added huge value to OVHcloud’s solution. Their expert guidance and training for our migration, tagging plans and product roadmap has been invaluable—not to mention that they welcome our feedback.”

Aurélien Bouchard – Head of Data Marketing at OVHcloud

Learn more about OVHcloud’s success working with Piano Analytics in this case study.

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