How dmgMedia used propensity modeling to fuel registration and subscription

Since its launch in 2016, dmgMedia’s, known as “i”, saw two years of record growth and was named Britain’s most-trusted digital news brand.

Looking to capitalize on this and drive their offer even further, “i” looked to create a registration and subscription strategy by gathering the right data to fully understand their audiences. To do this, the digital team needed to understand who their audience was, what they responded to, how long they spent on the site and how they were coming back.

By working with Piano’s Composer, they were able to pinpoint where their audience was signing up based on real-time data. This allowed them to better understand what content resonated best with their loyal audience. These insights enabled the editorial teams to focus on content that was genuinely engaging the audience.

They then worked with Composer's propensity modeling to identify their loyal users and ask them to register earlier in the journey. By specifically targeting their loyal users, they were able to generate higher conversions and a boost in subscriptions.

Find out more about “i’s” success working with Piano in this case study.

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