Inside Mediahuis’ 12-month sprint to supercharged advertising ROI

Leading European media company Mediahuis—behind over 40 of the biggest news, classified and career websites in Belgium and the Netherlands—used Piano to create an advertising experience that could match Facebook and Google’s while offering a level of service and flexibility the giants never could.

With the aim of being up and running within a year, Mediahuis worked with Piano to set up their out-of-the-box DMP. This offered them not only the quick start they wanted, but also the ability to offer their advertising clients something global ad platforms never could—custom-audience campaigns specific to their advertisers’ business goals based on combined Mediahuis and client data.

Mediahuis’ new offering of Piano-powered ad products and campaigns allows them to run multiple, personalized campaigns simultaneously every day across their network of sites. This already makes up 27% of their advertising sales with these targeted campaigns delivering clickthrough rates that are 26% higher on average than non-targeted campaigns. Sixty percent of native readers have also converted once they were on the advertiser’s site.

Find out more about Mediahuis’ success with Piano in this case study.

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