Bien’ici – Accelerating digital growth with a privacy-friendly, user-centric strategy

Created in 2015 by real estate industry professionals, is one of France's leading real estate advertising websites, with more than 110 million visits per year on desktop, mobile web and app. Bien'ici brings together private individuals and professionals to share their real estate projects by offering a simplified, immersive and personalized experience that allows users to visualize their future lives.

By implementing Piano’s user-centric and privacy-by-design approach, the portal has seen exponential growth in just a few years. By structuring itself around internal data, capitalizing on the value of digital analytics and gaining the trust of users through strict respect for their privacy, Bien'ici has significantly improved its digital performance.

Over 10,000 customers, SEO traffic doubling every year and +31% of leads generated in 2020 vs 2019 on property listings.


Bien'ici's business model is essentially based on subscriptions from real estate professionals who post their property listings on the site. As a result, they have set high targets in terms of traffic acquisition on the portal, to generate maximum user engagement and qualified leads for their clients. To build its success, Bien'ici has relied on state-of-the-art analytics since its launch in 2015. These are built around three main challenges:

  • To develop its digital business massively and quickly
  • Structure and sustain its growth through a user-centric approach (acquisition and UX)
  • Adopt a privacy-by-design approach to build a relationship of trust with users


By working with Piano, Bien'ici has been able to continuously improve the user experience on its portal and provide an innovative, high-quality product thanks to a complete monitoring of the portal's digital performance, and regular follow-up of its KPIs. By optimizing the quality of its analytics and giving the entire company access to a reliable 360° customer view, Bien'ici has been able to optimize its content and add new immersive features to its site on all devices.

"Piano allows us to cross-reference elements that at first sight are not necessarily related, but which may be correlated in some way, and which sometimes reveal a specific behaviour of our users"

Régis Sébille, Web Analytics & Data Manager

To maintain its growth, Bien'ici also realized that it needed to optimize the profitability of its sales actions and better address its SEA acquisition campaigns. By cross-referencing data from Piano and AdWords, the Data and Marketing teams quickly discovered that it was necessary to maximize acquisition in geographical areas that harmoniously combine offers and demands. As a result, they redistribute their keyword purchases to focus campaigns on more targeted queries, with a comparable budget.

Although Bien'ici makes expert use of data to improve its service and customer experiences, the company pays particular attention to respecting the confidentiality and protection of users' personal data, hence its claimed leadership in the privacy-by-design approach.


Thanks to its collaboration with Piano, Bien'ici has significantly improved its site performance and leveraged data to increase conversions, retention rate, repeat visits. In only five years of existence, it has reached 12 million monthly visits and is the third French real estate portal behind the groups Se Loger and Le Bon Coin. It also manages to double its SEO traffic every year.