The Push to Deeper Personalization: Relevant Content and Push Notifications Are the Perfect Match

The Push to Deeper Personalization: Relevant Content and Push Notifications Are the Perfect Match

Media companies are home to a gargantuan amount of content, which naturally makes them an invaluable go-to resource to their audience — but as we all know, readers appreciate content that is relevant to their interests. And better relevancy means better engagement.

A constant stream of content makes it incredibly easy for users to sometimes miss the articles most important to them. But it’s not the way it has to be.

Push notifications fill that role, automatically alerting users with relevant and rich content that aligns to their interest. Not only is this a better path to personalization, they offer you the opportunity to drive continued engagement — even when users aren’t on your site. 

Building Deeper Relationships 

By opting in to push notifications, users invite the chance to interact more with your content — to keep coming back, as long as what you’re offering draws them. That’s the kind of loyalty that drives loyalty, moving users closer and closer to subscribing. By segmenting and targeting notifications to specific user groups, editorial and marketing teams can make them even more useful, personalizing the content they send. 

Push Notifications by Piano 

Piano’s latest Push Notification feature enables you to deliver relevant and personalized content recommendations to users’ desktop and mobile browsers, keeping up communication even when they’re not onsite. 

Piano helps you further customize the Push Notification opt-in experience, including the messaging presented and the pages it appears on, and segment their audience to target which users are prompted to opt in, when, and what messaging they are shown. Notifications are based on RSS-feed content, and can be delivered to web browsers with support for web push protocol. 

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