Piano Announces New Digital Analytics Solution

Piano, a global analytics and activation platform, today announced the launch of Piano Analytics, an advanced analytics solution built from the ground up to address the challenge many users face with overly complicated and yet, limited, tools available today. Piano Analytics generates a single source of truth in reporting, for segments, or for targeting, by unifying data, including marketing analytics, product analytics, content analytics, transaction data and first-party data.

Piano Analytics is also privacy-centric — having been built to comply with the strictest privacy laws in the world — and is the only major analytics provider to receive an exemption from the French administrative body CNIL, allowing Piano to collect analytics without first requiring user consent. The platform can easily define a virtually unlimited number of custom events, dimensions, and metrics, providing the most relevant reporting on key performance indicators, without sacrificing data quality or privacy.

“We’ve always been focused on helping our clients understand their customers and make data-driven decisions. But up until now, there has been a virtual monopoly of legacy analytics tools that have been using bad data — they are too complicated and too limited to adapt to today’s sophisticated digital channels,” said Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Piano. “Aligning an organization on one set of numbers is the first step to getting an organization aligned on one set of decisions.  We believe Piano Analytics is the best way to accelerate that path to transformation.”

Existing analytics tools do not allow the flexibility to modify, delete or transport data once it’s imported. A minor error could force an organization to delete an entire dataset, wasting data teams’ time when they could be helping you understand relevant insights. Piano Analytics is built on Snowflake, providing the efficiency to run incredibly sophisticated analytics queries at industry-beating costs and the ability to laser-target individual data for modification and deletion when needed.

Piano Analytics helps organizations adapt to the digital diversity of the modern market with:

Full Integration: Piano Analytics brings teams onto the same page by unifying data that was previously only available in specialty tools like CDPs, newsroom analytics products, transactional reporting, product analytics tools, or video analytics tools. Piano’s real-time data availability layer can substitute for many existing products to drive efficiency, or bring data together from other tools into one event store. From there, it can be used to generate a single source of truth in reporting, for segments, or for targeting.

High Performance: Piano Analytics redefines what real-time means in reporting, with most data available to see within a minute. When modern digital teams are refining their digital tactics, waiting an hour – or several – just doesn’t cut it.

Built-In Multimedia: Piano Analytics brings new detailed understanding to how customers are using video or audio. Video is an increasingly large part of content-driven businesses, but has been almost entirely overlooked by existing analytics tools. Piano uses a heartbeat sensor script to see how far users are getting into videos, and when they’re playing, pausing and buffering, so clients can correlate video viewing to browsing, registration, conversion and other behaviors.

Cross-Device Capabilities: Understanding behavior on a wide array of devices, like smart speakers or connected televisions is critical in today’s multi-device environment. Piano’s universal scripts can bring data from those devices into the same picture as web and app behavior. For logged-in users, match behavior across all platforms to see the industry’s best consolidated view of cross-channel activity.

Focused on customer service and responsiveness, Piano builds relationships not only with customers, but also among its client base at large. Normalized data from hundreds of clients globally creates unparalleled benchmarks, providing market-specific intelligence that has a direct impact on business decision-making.

The Piano Analytics launch is a result of Piano’s March 2021 acquisition of France-based AT Internet, a European leader in digital analytics and contextual data. The unique combination represents the first time a world-class digital analytics solution has been combined with journey orchestration and personalized commerce to transform data directly into customer experiences.