Piano and Digiday Release New Audience Analytics Report

The amount of data created, captured, copied and consumed around the world is forecasted to hit 175 zettabytes by 2025. This trove of information stands to help publishers and the advertisers that work with them harness insights about current and prospective customers to power revenue and loyalty both now and in the future.

But collecting, storing, managing and democratizing all of this data for the teams that need it for various, specific purposes in an organization remains complex. Data on ad revenue, subscriptions, content engagement, customer profiles and more is often siloed and scattered within organizations, and each team managing these data sets might use disparate tools. Not to mention the added challenge of having the right people and partnerships in place across the various needs of different business units.

The right analytics strategy can help solve these barriers so organizations can efficiently and effectively use data to get a more comprehensive picture of their customers that drives more personalized experiences. With our partner Digiday, we asked more than 100 publisher and brand executives about the analytics challenges and opportunities they’re experiencing—and how they’re building the infrastructure to address them. 

Results are laid out in our latest report, The State of Audience Data and Analytics: Improving Interoperability in 2022. We’ve synthesized what respondents told us and used expert insights to explore the results in depth.

Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • Fifty-six percent of respondents said siloed data is their biggest barrier to successfully managing and using data at their organizations,
  • Over two-thirds of participants said their organizations aren’t effectively working with data across all departments and
  • More than half of respondents are using third-party analytics solutions for more effective consumer personalization in their marketing.

Insider interviews with broadcasters UKTV and RTÉ and Piano Analytics expert Declan Owens discuss the processes, people, and platform needed to make analytics a competitive advantage so businesses can make the most of their data once and for all. 

Whether you’re seeking insight into how to better operationalize audience data and analytics or just want to see how your organization stacks up against peers, this report is a must-read.

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