How Teknisk Ukeblad Increased Subscriber Conversions by 40%

At last year’s Piano Academy event in Paris, Norwegian tech and engineering publisher Teknisk Ukeblad Media explained how they used Piano to boost conversions and reduce churn for their wide range of users. As a result, they dramatically increased subscriber conversions and gain a clear vision of how they will drive future revenue.

Key Takeaways:

Piano's overlay paywall display has generated a 40% increase in subscriber conversions. On a recommendation from Piano's Strategic Services, Teknisk Ukeblad implemented an overlay paywall, which made their offer simpler to view and more likely to generate clicks from readers. Implementing this overlay paywell dramatically increased subscriber conversions.

Teknisk Ukeblad Media have reduced overall churn by 20% with Piano’s ‘grace period’ feature. By allowing users a short extension of their subscription, whether it naturally expired or their payment declined, Teknisk Ukeblad dramatically reduced the amount of unnecessary churn among their subscriber base. They also incorporated a set of nurture emails for new subscribers, which promoted early, frequent adoption of their services. 

Piano’s Strategic Services team helped Teknisk Ukeblad set up the Vipps mobile payment provider, which has significantly increased mobile conversions. By providing a seamless mobile user payment experience, Piano was able to help Teknisk Ukeblad Media generate more subscriber revenue.

Piano's automated winback campaign resulted in increased net revenue retention. By re-targeting churned users with automated offer emails, Teknisk Ukeblad saw a significant increase in the amount of readers who repurchased a subscription. Coupled with their 20% reduction in churn, this winback campaign had a direct, positive impact on overall NRR.

To learn more about how Teknisk Ukeblad Media took advantage of Piano’s expert support and advanced features, watch the full recording.