Ad Revenue Insights: How Piano’s dynamic paywall optimizes for total revenue

Watch our VP of Data Strategy, Patrick Appel, as he discusses Piano’s new dynamic paywall solution, an enhancement to Ad Revenue Insights. Learn how it uses AI, advanced data analytics and propensity models to make complex decisions in real to optimize between subscription and ad revenue streams. Maximizing total revenue, it accurately predicts user behavior and content value, integrating unique insights to ensure revenue generation without sacrificing one source for the other. 


  • Dynamic paywall overview: It balances subscription and ad revenue by analyzing extensive data points through propensity solutions, ensuring a strategic approach to revenue generation. 
  • Propensity Model development: By creating models that evaluate user likelihood to subscribe or engage and content's potential to drive paid conversion, businesses can better target their audience with the appropriate content strategies. 
  • Integrated revenue insights: Unique to their system, this feature combines subscription and ad revenue data to prevent the loss of one type of revenue for the sake of another, promoting a more balanced revenue stream. 
  • Practical application and ranking: The system provides a ranking of page views based on expected ad versus subscription revenue, helping to identify the best segments for targeting with a paywall or allowing free access. 
  • Long-term planning and evolution: It emphasizes the importance of long-term strategic planning in revenue optimization and highlights the ongoing development and refinement of these models to produce better business outcomes.