Piano Software Elevates Flagship Product Composer

Piano, the leading subscription commerce and customer experience platform, today announced extensive enhancements to its flagship product, Composer, which empowers publishers and brands to orchestrate and optimize customer journeys across paywalls, content and personalized experiences. Piano’s data collection, segment creation and activation capabilities are now fully integrated with Composer to provide industry-first customer journeys powered by machine learning, allowing clients to influence behaviors using zero- and first-party data.

“Piano’s mission has always been to enable our clients to create the most relevant and satisfying customer experiences possible using data and machine learning, and we are constantly improving how we do that,” said Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Piano. “We believe our integrated data and customer experience platform has unlocked the industry’s most powerful targeting capabilities to improve business performance throughout the entire customer journey.”

The latest upgrades to Composer allow organizations to capitalize on Piano’s data, as well as their own, in order to boost retention, subscriptions and customer satisfaction in a number of ways:

  • Prevent accidental churn: Refine your targeting and messaging strategies to avoid lost users due to failures to resubscribe.
  • Proactively message dormant users: Leverage out-of-the-box segments to serve trending content to users who have been dormant for two or more weeks in order to increase engagement.
  • Recommend content based on performance: Fuel sophisticated site personalization with Piano’s machine learning content recommendations, which programmatically collect reader data and pair it with Composer segments to target quality content. 
  • Apply real-time propensity models: Utilize propensity-based, machine learning segments for launching or fine-tuning subscription strategies—based on real-time subscription scoring and a view into users in each segment.
  • Flourish in a cookieless world: Collect zero- and first-party data, build bespoke segments and customer profiles and use Composer to orchestrate personalized pricing, content and messaging strategies.

For most publishers, 2020 offered a surge in paid media subscriptions, largely attributed to COVID-19. The influx of new subscribers also brings common audience challenges that every media company should understand and solve. In fact, Piano benchmark data has found that more than half of subscribers will churn from a monthly subscription within their first year. By enabling media companies to apply real-time data to complex life cycles for the “next best action” for all users, Piano is helping publishers of all sizes and structures maintain their subscription success well into 2021.