Piano Launches Ad Revenue Insights, Revealing Previously Unavailable Advertising Data

Ad Revenue Insights allows publishers to see the precise revenue associated with each granular ad impression

We are pleased to announce the launch of Ad Revenue Insights, a first-of-its-kind tool that enables publishers to capture the precise advertising revenue associated with their audiences, content, marketing tactics, page formats, and ad inventory. Publishers can now comprehensively measure and analyze ad performance data to identify the tactics that drive the most revenue.

iNews.co.uk, a leading online news platform under DMG Media, was one of several major publishing participants who became an early adopter of the new product. Their analysis included:

  • Understanding the relationship between advertising revenue and subscription revenue
  • Monitoring and pinpointing causes of ad revenue shifts, while finding ways to boost earnings
  • Which content, referral sources and geographic regions are most valuable for advertising
  • Measuring the advertising value of anonymous, registered and subscribed users
  • Balancing ad experience and subscription conversions to maximize total revenue

The iNews team has been actively using Ad Revenue Insights to answer fundamental questions about the business. The quantitative results speak for themselves as iNews performed an analysis to identify gaps in their ad setup that were costing them over £200,000 per year in lost revenue. Through specific analysis enabled by ARI, they were able to:

  • Identify a dip in ad impressions and revenue due to a mistakenly deactivated ad unit in specific site sections, leading to substantial revenue recovery upon reactivation
  • Assess the influence of subscription messaging on ad viewability, confirming no adverse effect and addressing a critical query for enhancing prioritized actions
  • Analyze subscription conversions and ad revenue geographically, offering essential guidance for effective monetization strategies beyond the UK

“On top of the revenue impact iNews saw from Piano’s Ad Revenue Insights, it helped us join our Ads and Subscription teams’ efforts, giving us the ability to optimize our ad placements to recapture lost revenue," said Harry Fawkes, Head of Subscriptions at dmgMedia. “This project has exposed how imperative it is for publishers to always advance their ad strategies hand-in-hand with the subscription strategies and discover ways to engage with their most impactful audiences.”

“This tool transcends conventional analytics, offering a solution that tells you how your strategic and tactical choices directly relate to revenue-marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital publishing. Ad Revenue Insights empowers publishers to move beyond surface-level metrics and truly understand the impact of their content on revenue generation,” said Michael Silberman EVP of Media Strategy for Piano. “Ad Revenue Insights is an important step toward unifying publisher data across advertising and subscriptions. We're excited to finally unleash this technology and offer publishers the ability to harness data in new and transformative ways."

In a highly competitive publishing landscape, the launch of Ad Revenue Insights signifies our commitment to equipping publishers with tools that drive revenue streams and deepen audience connections. As publishers navigate the complex intricacies of the digital realm, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry norms.

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