Piano Lessons: Optimize audience targeting with Piano’s dynamic paywall

With declining ad revenue and slowed subscription growth in a saturated market, publishers need new solutions that address market challenges and contribute to overall positive revenue growth. In 2023, Piano launched Ad Revenue Insights (ARI) to help publishers measure precisely how much money each ad generates. To make these data insights even more actionable, Piano improved ARI by redefining the traditional dynamic paywall approach and integrated propensity, ad revenue data, and subscription data into one solution.  Leveraging AI, the dynamic paywall streamlines the decision-making process for subscription audience targeting.

In this Piano Lesson, Patrick Appel, VP of Data Strategy shares everything you need to know before adopting Piano’s dynamic paywall, including: 

  • The strategic importance of combining subscription and ad revenue into audience targeting decisions
  • How Piano’s dynamic paywall empowers you to pinpoint the right target audience
  • The benefits of leveraging Piano’s dynamic paywall for publishers

Discover how Piano makes it possible for you to develop paywall strategies that drive total revenue growth.