Le Parisien: Simple and effective analytics tactics for rapid data mining

With more than 110 million visits per month on desktop, mobile web and applications, French newspaper Le Parisien has a very strong digital presence. It’s business model is based on paid reader subscriptions and affiliation partnerships.

With the aim of leveraging its data analytics as quickly as possible to boost engine traffic, the Audience team has put in place a streamlined and efficient analysis strategy.

Challenges: data democratization, editorial optimization and SEO

The Audience team at Le Parisien has both a central and cross-functional role, working with all the Product, Subscription and Editorial teams. In particular, they support web analytics, SEO actions and the entire traffic acquisition strategy. They have to respond on a daily basis to large flows of requests from 'business' audiences who are not necessarily familiar with interpreting data analysis.

There are a range of analytical challenges:

  • Establishing a data-driven governance mode
  • Optimizing the ergonomics and reading experience of the LeParisien.fr website
  • Positioning themselves as strongly as possible on search engines

The solution

By using Piano’s powerful reporting features, they were able to open access to the data by producing daily reports in the form of dashboards. These are specific to each business team and provide a range of advantages:

  • No need to create a user account for each recipient
  • No knowledge of the tagging scheme required to interpret the data
  • Better readability and understanding of results
  • The entire scope of analysis is covered (three sites and devices)

The Audience team also uses Piano as a powerful tool for optimizing UX. Their aim is to analyse the entirety of the navigation to optimize positioning of content blocks on a page and to make relevant editorial choices.


The results

The implementation of dashboard analytics has allowed Le Parisien to carry out real-time and automated monitoring of sites, both during production start-up and in detecting recurring errors. The analysis of all the navigation on the site also made it possible to optimise the positioning of content blocks on a page and to make relevant editorial choices. So far, the analytics strategy has boosted engine traffic by 30%.