How to level up content distribution in your social media strategy

Social channels have solidified their place as a top tier channel for helping publishers connect with audiences. 

And with more than 40% of adults in the US and Europe relying on social media as a news source, the importance of  leveraging social tools in a meaningful way is more essential than ever.

In this article, we’ll look at the challenges of building a successful approach to social media and what you can do to easily distribute and manage its output.

Structure your social media posting

Your main priority is to take the guesswork out of your social media publishing, remove siloes and leverage data-driven reporting.

Teams within media and publishing companies often post manually as they need to release breaking news or lack the necessary resources to manage more evergreen social posts. This means their posting can become haphazard and lack the structure needed to make it effective. If your current setup only has a small team managing posts and tweets every day, you need to find a way to automate your processes.

By putting in place an organized and pain-free way to schedule and publish on social media, you’ll free up the time and resources for your editors to create content and add value to your brand. 

Simplify your workflows

As the volume of your social posts increases, so will the complexity of your workflow. You can get bogged down with the array of organic and paid social campaigns across multiple channels, platforms and profiles, and this can lead to teams publishing in siloes.

To effectively drive engagement and growth, you’ll need more control over how, when and what is published on your social channels. This means working with a central platform where you can customize your publishing needs for all teams, and automate when necessary without sacrificing control or security.

Understand your social media audience

To make the best decisions for your business, it’s essential to have a complete understanding of how your audience is interacting with your social posts. User-friendly reporting across all your different publishing platforms is the ideal way to do this.

Accurate data-driven reports identify posts that resonate with your audience, so editorial teams can create more content that converts. The ability to filter by account or date range, search for any post, sort by top social metrics and bulk recycle top-performing content will help you develop ways to better engage your readers.

Up your social game with Socialflow

Socialflow is a social media management tool used by some of the world’s largest media companies to simplify and automate their social media publishing workflow. Tailor-built for media and publishing teams posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, Socialflow allows you to grow and engage your audience, with real-time data and machine-learning optimization that guides your content to just the right place in the social conversation. 

Powered by AI and driven by data, it takes the guesswork out of social and allows you to optimize your content distribution and increase audience engagement – with as little effort as possible.

Get in touch with us today for a free demo and find out how you can amplify your content, effortlessly and take your social media strategy to the next level.