The Future of Content is Now: The Cross-Platform Capabilities of Piano

Piano Team

You might call it the sixth sense of the Piano platform.

Like the extrasensory perception it shares a name with, Piano ESP looks into the future, using machine learning to analyze behavior across email, desktop and mobile to discover individual preferences and recommend the content that users are most likely to click on next. It’s the first artificially intelligent newsletter platform that automatically personalizes and delivers customized content recommendations to individual users across channels.

Born out of the acquisition of content marketing cloud provider Newzmate in November 2018, Piano ESP was launched in February 2019. And already Piano customers like Condé Nast Japan, Sun-Times Media Productions, Townhall Media and Front Office Sports have made it part of their future plans.

Integrated Offerings

By integrating Piano ESP with Piano Composer — the most complete rules engine for digital business — Piano now has created cross-platform functionality that provides a smoother experience for companies looking to expand their user offerings and scale their audience with limited IT involvement. 

Composer already helps companies create sophisticated user journeys and dynamic paywall experiences, gate content and target specific audience segments. Now customers that have both Piano ESP and Piano Composer can also build and send newsletters directly within Composer, using easy-to-use customizable templates. They’ll also be able to create audience-specific content recommendations, discovering individual preferences to recommend content to users.

Newsletter Signup

Choose and customize templates to best meet your needs, applying them directly to the right audience — all within Piano Composer itself.

  • Choose from active Piano ESP mailing lists to add users who have signed up for your newsletter

  • Empower your own newsletter signups while leveraging all of the capabilities of Piano Composer

  • Customize newsletter signup boilerplates without the need for a development team

  • Select an available newsletter template to display to your audience of choice

Recommendations Module

Deliver audience intelligent content recommendations to individual users directly in Composer, for customized configuration.

  • Offer recommendations to users who haven’t been on your site in a while

  • Alert visitors getting ready to leave a page

  • Count clicks on all of the content recommendations delivered 

  • Enable split testing on your recommendation module

  • Trigger campaigns for registered users with precision, based on the action of a target segment as well as their past behaviors

  • Automatically assemble and send fully personalized emails based on past content engagement

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