A Guidebook to the Subscriber Journey

November 30, 2020 Piano Team

What can media companies do to optimize their digital subscription business? Where do the biggest areas exist for potential growth?

Drawing from findings gathered from across hundreds of sites, A Guidebook to the Subscriber Journey outlines 10 key recommendations to help fuel subscription growth. Based on Piano benchmark data, it offers context into what works and what doesn’t — exploring common user behaviors and how to make them work for you. 

Drive your own business ahead — and start beating the benchmarks — with these key findings from our data science team.

Download the Guidebook and Start Learning:

  • Whether an investment in search or social is more likely to pay off
  • The best approach to your mobile vs. desktop conversion strategies
  • How to balance subscriptions and digital advertising to maximize revenue
  • What the most common mistake is when it comes to subscription pricing
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