Monthly News Roundup: April 2021

Need some good reading material? Here’s a quick recap of the top stories we loved diving into over this last month! Last month was all about the deprecation of third-party cookies. This month, it’s about getting serious with your first-party data strategy so you can continue to power your onsite targeting, content monetization or advertising come 2022. AdExchanger debates the use of email in the future of identity while The Drum explores the options publishers have to continue diversifying revenue. 

Are Media Owners Factoring In The Cost Of Email In The Universal Identity Debate?
An audience-centric set of harmonized streams, not a contradictory clash of disjointed initiatives, is the future of media revenue, says Alessandro De Zanche, an audience and data strategy consultant. Getting identity right will require departments within a media organization to work closely together. 

Having Access To Data Doesn’t Mean It Should Be Used
Privacy regulations are moving quickly. Publishers must make decisions about the kind of data to collect and how to monetize it. But having access to data doesn’t always mean that it should be shared or used. Yigael Chetrit, global CTO at SRDS, says the real challenge comes with knowing what to do with the data once it’s been acquired.

Four Ways Publishers Can Use Data to Get Closer to Buyers
The dynamic between publishers, media buyers, ad tech partners and browser owners reflects today’s privacy-first world, with power shifting in favor of those parties closest to the consumer. Publishers can use data to understand how buyers spend and maximize their own programmatic potential, says Wenda Zhou, Head of Media Operations, IPONWEB.

Publishers Are in a Data Race as Google Shakes the Ad Market, But Who Will Prosper?
With Google set to sunset the tracking of third-party cookies, many industries are worried about how the so-called ’Privacy Sandbox’ will affect their business. For publishers, the first-party data pageantry begins now, says John McCarthy of The Drum. He explores how they are talking up their quality environments, audience data, measurement tools and insights. 


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